My 10 Best Weight Loss Tips

Today I’d like to share some of my best personal weight loss tips with you. These are the tips that I 100% relied upon when I was losing weight and which my coaching clients also find helpful.

  1. Keep your breakfasts and lunches very, very simple. I cannot emphasize this one enough. Lunch should be a snack more than a meal eg a couple ounces nuts, a couple of ounces of cheese, a few slices of turkey wrapped around cucumber sticks and mustard, a slice of one of our almond flour or coconut flour extra low carb LCHF Nation quick breads or buns from our cookbooks. You can eat the same things for breakfast and lunch each day or rotate a few favorite LCHF breakfasts and lunch. You don’t want to have to be thinking what to eat every day. Simplicity mean success!
  2. Cook casseroles, stews, soups and meatloaves on the weekends so that you have ready to eat meals on busy weekday nights. Cook one meal each weekend which can be stored in the fridge or frozen into portions. There are lots of easy to make great tasting LCHF casseroles, chillis and stews in our LCHF Nation cookbooks. We choose a couple each weekend and either freeze them or eat them over the next few days – or we mix it up, freezing half a batch and eating the other half for the next few days. With a few meals on hand each week all you’ll have to do is add a large green salad or another low carb veggie from our veggie swap list on my LCHF Nation blog to complete your meal. Remember: Plan to succeed!
  3. Save most of your calories and carbs for your evening meal. The evening meal is usually people’s most social and leisurely time of the day. It’s when families get together around the dinner table to talk and really enjoy what they are eating. For example, if your diet plan is to eat 1200 calories a day and no more than 20g net carbs then try eating a 300 calorie, less than 2g net carb breakfast, a 300 calorie, less than 2g net carb lunch, perhaps a 100 calorie almost  zero carb snack like a cup of coffee with 2 tbsp heavy cream or an ounce (30g) of cheese mid afternoon if you feel you need it, then  enjoy a larger 500-600 calorie, 10-15g net carb dinner! It feels decadent to have a larger dinner – and it ensures that you won’t go to bed hungry or be tempted to snack all night.
  4. Use our LCHF Nation veggie swap list and protein swap list free resources to help plan simple balanced LCHF dinners. These resources are a godsend to me and my clients because referring to them keeps meal planing simple! All you do is choose a protein source, choose a veggie serving and add 1-2 tbsp oil or butter either to top your veggies, stir-fry them or roast them in oil/fat. A meal like this is around 70% fat and means you are getting perfect macros for so little effort. If you haven’t used our swap lists you will LOVE them. All calories and carbs are pre-calculated for you by your truly. All you need to know to use our swap lists is how many calories and carbs you need to eat to lose weight. Then you’re on your way to weight loss success!!
  5. Start keeping a list of simple meals and menus that have worked for you. By “worked for you” I mean combinations of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that have resulted in weight loss. Use these menus over and over – you know they work for you so take the stress out of deciding what to eat and simply repeat. There is no need to eat different things every single day.
  6. Set yourself small goals. For example if you have 20 pounds to lose then divide your weight loss into four phases. It can be awfully daunting to be aiming to lose 20 pounds – but 5 pounds at a time – that’s doable and reaching smaller goals will make you feel good each time you reach one. Knowing that you only have a few pounds to reach your mini goal of 5 pounds will keep you motivated and you will push yourself to reach your goal.
  7. Get outside and walk every single day. Aim for at least 30 minutes. No fancy cardio is required – just make sure you walk and move your body every single day. It’ll improve your mood and increase your metabolism which means faster, more consistent weight loss.
  8. Drink no calorie teas and sparkling zero calorie water in different flavors when you’re dying for some flavor. Having an exotic flavored warm tea to drink instead of snacking fills you up and keeps you satisfied and allows you to easily get through to the next meal.
  9. Expect to lose no more than one pound or 1/2 kg a week. Yes, when you first begin your diet you may lose 5 pounds in 1 week, however, that is mostly water loss. That rate of weight loss will not continue. Expecting to lose 5 pounds every week will set you up for disappointment and failure. It simply isn’t possible. Losing 1 pound a week is very doable and you won’t have to starve yourself or deny yourself a glass of wine here and there. It also allows your body to stabilize at a new lower weight before losing the next pound. Stabilization is very important as your weight won’t bounce around as much. You may lose your 1 pound in three days. for the remainder of the week, all you’ll have to do is maintain that weight. I call it the “lose and cruise” strategy and it works for my weight loss clients. Slow and steady really does win out in the end.
  10. Have the right LCHF foods in your house and, if you’re planning to be out and about for the day, pack some nuts or cheese in your bag to take with you! Again, being prepared is key to your success.

Elena is a fully accredited weight loss success coach who understands the nutritional needs and challenges of women over 40. Being coached makes a huge difference to your weight loss success. Read more about her coaching and meal plan services on her website. If you’d like to know which of my many coaching programs are right for you, just give me a call at 617-543-2808 or email me using the contact form on my website and I’ll reach out to you. Upon request, I can also connect you with some of my clients so you can hear how coaching has helped them.



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