8 Things You Need to Know to be Successful at Weight Loss

In coaching my clients through my 6 month “Your Best Result” program, I’ve noticed that people who are successful at losing weight think, believe and do the following things:

  1. They keep their expectations realistic. This is the number one reason I see people falling off the wagon so please listen up. On a LCHF eating plan you may lose 5-10 pounds, depending on your starting weight, just in your first week. This weight loss is actually mainly water loss as your body readjusts to what is very often a radically different food intake. Adopting a LCHF lifestyle causes a massive shifts of water from the body. Thereafter a loss of 0.5-2lbs a week is expected and normal. Don’t expect to lose more than this or you will be disappointed…and then, as many people do, you’ll be tempted to give up. Then what? I find that people see what they think is a slow down or failure to lose weight and think that their eating plan isn’t working…and so they get discouraged and quit. Don’t let this happen to you. No matter what other diet groups and LCHF websites will tell you, this slow-down is par for the course. So, know what to expect and resign yourself to some long term dieting.  After the first 1-2 weeks, even on a reduced carb and calorie intake your weight loss will slow down because there is no more water weight to lose.
  2. They expect to work hard and struggle! Until you get used to a decreased and altered food intake, and understanding your personal obstacles (and everyone has them!) losing weight will be hard…. but still doable. Expect that and be prepared to persist and to keep persisting. Learn to push through any mental and physical obstacles – because there will be plenty! We learn how to handle different situations by experiencing them. Even if you slip-up, just keep following your eating plan. Get up and keep going. Progress is your only way to long term happiness. What’s the alternative? Back to square one? Successful people accept that there is no magic bullet or quick weight loss scheme – only hard work, persistence and a true commitment to do what’s needed to achieve your goal.
  3. They feed themselves quality food – not processed, packaged food or fast food. The people I see succeed learn to value their bodies and treat themselves very well. They look at eating a LCHF diet as a joyous experience (notice I didn’t say an “easy” experience). They relish all the veggies, healthy protein and healthy fats they are now consuming. They view their old carb filled processed food diets as something in the past and they learn to love eating real, unprocessed food. They also get into the kitchen and learn how to cook…and, even if they start out disliking cooking, the process of preparing fresh , healthy meals with real food ingredients starts to become a feel-good experience that they look forward to. Taking care of themselves by eating real food becomes a pleasurable and sustainable habit.
  4. They accept that they can’t eat everything they want, and as much as they want, whenever they want! Another huge mistake I see when people first come into our program is that they are eating huge servings of LCHF food, eating too much protein and snacking throughout the day. To lose weight you must embrace the fact that you need to eat less. Calories and portion sizes do matter very, very much. We don’t advocate counting every calorie but it’s important to know roughly how much food you can eat to continue to steadily lose 1-2lbs a week. We recommend ordering the following personal carb and calorie report to get an idea of how much you can eat and then once you know your food limits follow one of our calorie controlled LCHF meal plans for a few weeks/months to learn how much food you can eat. After a while you won’t have to count – you’ll automatically know and feel how much food you can eat and still lose weight.
  5. They commit to making this way of eating and living a lifestyle. They don’t see it as a quick, weight loss diet or a temporary state. They make this way of eating a long term solution. They accept eating smaller portions of healthy LCHF foods as a way of life and they learn to enjoy their food and look forward to eating food that is healthy. They learn to enjoy walking and exercising and moving their body every day. They commit to doing the things they need to do, each day to achieve their dream of a slim, healthy body.
  6. They take steps to decrease the stress in other parts of their life. I sometimes speak to clients who think that losing weight will make them happy and eliminate all their problems.  Quite the opposite is true. By working on decreasing stress in your job, family life and social life you will be less inclined to use food as a reward and as a stress reliever. You will feel better and be able to focus on your healthy eating plan and not feel you can’t follow a diet because of stress. Work on reducing your life stresses first. It’ll make you 100x more likely to succeed in changing the way you eat and you will have the emotional energy to invest in taking positive actions for yourself. Making supportive, positive life-style changes is an integral part of coaching my clients.
  7. They model themselves on someone who has already been successful at eating LCHF to lose weight. They are prepared to change and modify their habits and to embrace a new way of doing things. They keep an open mind and learn from others who have been successful. This is a biggie! Remember: If you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll keep getting the same results.
  8. They are patient. They understand that weight loss does not happen overnight. They accept that only through consistent efforts day after day, week after week they will make progress towards reaching their target weight.

I am a LCHF weight loss coach who enjoys helping people transform their health and turn their life around. If you’ve struggled to lose weight alone, then supportive weight loss coaching might be for you.

If you’d like to experience a free health phone coaching session where we talk about your health goals and needs, please contact me (Elena) at yourbestresult1@gmail.com to schedule your free phone session with me. During our call I will ask you lots of questions and get to know you and try and understand what’s going on for you so that I can share how I might be able to help you. I look forward to helping you improve your life!






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