About Us


We’re Elena and John, founders of LCHF Nation, an informational website and weight loss coaching service devoted to those who want to lose weight, are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic / diabetic, menopausal or who follow a keto, primal LCHF way of eating and enjoy cooking and eating great tasting healthy food.


Elena has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Public Health from Curtin University in Australia and is a fully accredited and certified weight loss success coach. Elena understands the nutritional needs and challenges of women in menopause. You can read about her coaching and meal plan services on her website.

Elena spent several years teaching health promotion and nutrition to university undergraduates.  In 2011, with her husband John, she founded the White Lion Baking Company (WLBC), the first grain-free, low-carb, paleo bakery in the US. Elena has a passion for creating and cooking healthy LCHF food, a strong dedication to improving health and she is passionate about staying in shape by eating a LCHF, keto, primal and unprocessed diet.


John has a Masters Degree in biology from the Antioch New Hampshire. Along with Elena, he is the co-founder of White Lion Baking Company (WLBC). John is a talented baker and cook and, like Elena enjoys preparing healthy LCHF food that’s easy to prepare and is pleasing to all five senses.  He has been eating and cooking his whole life so considers himself an expert on the subject :) John prides himself on maintaining his svelte figure which he attributes to a healthy LCHF way of eating.

Through years of hard-won experience, we’ve discovered that a primal LCHF diet is the easiest, most effective, painless (read: no hunger!), healthy, and tasty way to eat in order to stay slim and avoid gaining weight especially as we age.  We started LCHF Nation to share our experiences, expertise, lifestyle and recipes and to demonstrate, how by making a few simple changes to the way you eat, it is easy to enjoy life without putting on weight.

More About Us

In 2011 my husband John and I founded a paleo, low carb bakery “White Lion Baking Company” (pale-leo – get it?!) which we ran from our kitchen after hours and weekends while we still held our 9-5 jobs. White Lion took off like a rocket and soon we couldn’t keep up with the crazy demand for our products. Long story short, we sold the bakery to a dedicated paleo chef in 2012 and enjoyed a little break as we cooked for ourselves again. With our passion for creating healthy LCHF food, the lull didn’t last and once again we started to get creative in the kitchen and LCHF Nation and all the mouth-watering recipes you see here were born. Thank you for all your support. The food we feature on this page is the food we ate to lose weight and now eat and serve to our friends and family each and every day.

Not only do we love to create awesome food, we have a passion for helping people lose weight and feel great, just like we did. Elena is a successful, fully accredited Holistic Health and Weight Loss Coach and holds a masters degree in Public Health and Nutrition. Her passion is helping people achieve their ideal weight and to maintain it happily and easily. Her expertise in helping women in their 40s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond lose weight and reclaim their lives.

We all have stories we tell ourselves about food. You know “I’m a sugar addict” or “I’ve never been able to lose weight” or “Everyone in my family is fat and so am I” or “I’m scared that this diet won’t work for me”. These stories don’t serve our higher needs, and they keep us forever stuck in a go-nowhere, comfort-zone rut.

You see, we become what we believe we are!

By listening carefully to your personal stories, fears and concerns, Elena is able to compassionately help you overcome a life time of bad habits and beliefs and change your life. With the right diet and the right mindset you will achieve your dream to be slim and healthy and you will remain that way for life! Elena will guide you to achieve your dream. If you’d like to talk to Elena about how you can change your relationship with food and turn your life around you can email her at lchfnation@gmail.com or call her at 617-543-2808 for a free phone consultation.


Need Help Losing Weight and Eating Healthier?

If you would like to adopt a LCHF way of eating in order to lose weight and get healthier, its our pleasure to help you by providing you with resources and support so that you can achieve your personal health goals.

A few diets which encompass the LCHF principles which we endorse and practice are Banting, paleo, primal, Atkins, Low Carb High Fat (LCHF), and ketogenic. We are well-versed in all these diets so can help you implement any one of them. If you have a weight loss or diet-related question please email us at: info@LCHFnation.com. We’d be honored to help you.

“Inspiring, motivating, and supporting others in choosing a LCHF diet is our passion and is what makes life meaningful for us. We believe that healthy choices should be easy choices and that eating right and maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself.”

– Elena Vaillancourt