Are you Ready for Massive Transformation?

What do you really, really, really want to achieve in life? What have you always wanted to be?

If you asked most people they would say “I want to be slim”. That’s their dream.

Picture how your life would look if you were slim? Imagine how you would feel physically, mentally, emotionally…..imagine what you’d do.

Many people think that they are not capable of achieving their dream of being slim. They don’t believe they can succeed. They think that because they’ve failed at weight loss and weight maintenance in the past that they’ll keep failing. With negative beliefs like that it’s no surprise that you’ll stay on the track of  never achieving what you want.  To achieve your dream you must move out of the habitual ruts you have created for yourself and do things differently. You must free yourself and uncover what’s holding you back so that you can move forward towards your goal.  It is 100% possible for you to do so.

Know that you are far closer to getting what you want than you could ever imagine.

A great coach will help you break free! They will help you uncover, face, overcome and and replace, once and for all, the factors that are holding you back from living your dream – the thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviors that move you further and further away from your dream. Once you have a  handle on what’s holding you back, you will move ahead in a positive direction (instead of around and around in circles, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight….). When you experience yourself succeeding, your confidence will soar! You will discover that you really held the power to change your life all along and you will take massive steps and achieve your weight loss goal!

We all have the power to change inside of us – a good coach will bring out that power in you. A great coach will inspire you, support you, challenge you, keep you accountable and push you to be the very best you can be. As the great philosopher Emerson once said:

Our chief want in life is  somebody who will make us do what we can

How would achieving your dream of permanent weight loss change the quality of your life?

Imagine never having to face the problems associated with being overweight ever again?

Imagine being in the same place you are now in 5 years time, or even in 10 years time. Overweight, unhealthy, feeling inhibited and unhappy. How will you feel about yourself if that were the case? Really stop and feel how you will feel inside. It’s a depressing feeling, I know.

Don’t let that happen to you- take action now! If you could do it alone you would have reached your goal by now…..but you haven’t. Right? So why keep travelling the same well-worn out loop?

If you are tired of being in the same place with your health and your weight and are ready and excited to radically improve your health, get slim and remain slim, then take my hand and let’s do this. Let’s work together to make your dream happen! Transformation is a choice you can make.

If you are ready to radically transform your life, and be the best that you can be, then let me be of service to you. Call me at 617-543-2808 or email me at to set up your first free phone coaching session.

Elena Vaillancourt is a professional transformational life coach who has helped hundreds of people achieve their wellness and life goals. 

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