How To Add More Fat To Your LCHF Diet Without Increasing Calories

A reader recently wrote to us to express the following concerns:

How can I keep my fat intake high but not over-do my calories?

Won’t I get fat if I increase the amount of fat I eat?

How much fat should I add??

AND – What exactly should I eat? Do I just add more fat to my low fat recipes? I want to eat LCHF but I want to lose weight too.

When you first transition from eating a low fat high carb style diet to a low carb high fat one it can be tough to know how to increase your fat intake so that it comprises over 65% of your daily calories.  Not to mention that we’ve been told that fat has been the devil for so long that it can really take a while to wrap your head around the fact that fat is good for you.

We are told not to fear fat and that eating fat is important for your health, fat is your source of energy, instead of carbs when eating LCHF and you will actually slow down your weight loss down and experience hunger if you do not consume enough fat!

All true!

However, increasing the percentage of calories in your diet that come from fat doesn’t simply mean simply adding more fat to all your meals. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Do that and you may have just increased you calories by 500 calories a day and you’ll find yourself gaining – not losing weight.

You see, when you add more fat to your diet, you also need to eat far fewer carbs, a little less protein, and a smaller sized serving to ensure that your entire meal is not overblown with extra calories. You need to find recipes that are low enough in calories but still high in fat and low in carbs.

If you simply just add more fat to a diet that’s already adequate in calories or already excessive in calories you will gain weight

If you are a LCHF beginner it can be daunting to know exactly what to eat to ensure that your daily macros are at least 60-70% fat while at the same time, not increasing your calories.

What many LCHF cookbooks neglect to tell you is how many calories are in each recipe and exactly what the fat % of each recipe is. As you all know, calories do count when losing weight and it’s all to easy to choose a LCHF meal that’s high in fat that is alas, also ……high in calories. Definitely NOT what you want if you’ve chosen to eat a LCHF diet to lose weight.

That’s one reason we created our unique LCHF Nation CookBooks. We’re a couple of foodies who lost weight with the recipes in our cookbooks and being foodies we crafted these recipes for maximum flavor. We took our time and were very careful to ensure that every recipe was over 60% fat and low in calories.

Our cookbooks make it extremely easy to meet your LCHF goals and eat a diet high in fat AND at the same time eat fewer calories.

Yes – you can eat a high fat diet and lose weight. Here’s how:

We’ve calculated the percentage of fat and number of calories for every recipe in our cookbooks. All our recipes contains between 60-90% fat and unlike other LCHF groups, we list the EXACT fat % aswell as carbs, protein and calories for every single one of our recipes so you know what you are choosing and whether it will help or hinder your dietary goals!

Want to keep your fat macros at 70% fat or maybe even 85% fat? Simply choose 70% or 85% fat meals from our 280+ recipes. Or choose an 80% meal for breakfast eg scrambled eggs and a 65% fat dinner. That way you’ll average over 70% fat per day which is what most LCHF programs recommend.

Our LCHF Nation Cookbooks make it easy to choose LCHF recipes that match your macros and recommended calories without counting anything!

Here are some of the recipes in our cookbooks that are reader favorites, low in calories and between 70-89% fat:

Creamy Mustard Chicken: 313 calories/serve, 67% fat


Crustless Quiche: 320 calories/serve, 77% fat


Beef Kheema: 428 calories/serve, 70% fat


Pumpkin and Walnut Bread: 256 calories/serve, 79% fat

p bread

Carrot Cake: 400 calories/serve, 80% fat


Bacon and Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage and Parmesan: 302 calories/serve, 80% fat


Curried Chicken Salad: 408 calories/serve, 71% fat


Dijon Biscuits: 159 calories/serve, 79% fat


This is food you can LIVE on! Pick up your downloadable LCHF Nation Cookbooks here and start doing LCHF right! :

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