The No. 1 Weight Loss Secret

Losing weight is one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in life and it requires alot of determined single mindedness and focus. Sometimes, like giving up smoking, it takes one or two or even three tries until we get into the swing of things and manage to get into that zone and persist until we make it happen. Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that its easy and that “you can eat as much as you like of LCHF foods” or “eat until you’re satisfied”.  If you believe that you won’t have to put forth much effort, let me tell you that you will be sorely disappointed when the scale does not shift.

The secret to losing weight is that you have to want to reach your goal  more than you want anything else in life! 

You have to develop a warrior attitude and tell yourself that nothing is going to stop you or stand in your way of achieving your dream! Not hunger, not cravings, not any obstacle, nor any event or stressful happening….and believe me these situations WILL arise to tempt you.

You must tell yourself that these things are not going to beat you. That you are in charge! I finally developed this mindset 7 years ago after I was tired of yo-yo dieting, feeling unhealthy, being overweight and not looking nice in my clothes.

There will be times when you will feel impatient and that losing weight is taking too long and that you will never reach your goal. You may hit a stall (they happen to all of us!) or your weight loss will slow down as you approach your goal weight and you’ll be tempted to give in or completely give up. However, these are the times when you must summon all your strength, grit your teeth, push forward and say “I will make it” and “I am going to do this no matter what it takes!” This is the time when you must put on your warrior armor and rise to meet the food foe!

Now here is a critical point: While losing weight , learn to view food as fuel only – not as entertainment, or a stress or boredom reliever or something to boost your mood. Find something else to soothe you. By all means enjoy what you are eating,  but don’t use food as a drug. Go for a walk, try on clothes that never used to fit, read a book, tell yourself that you are a warrior and that nothing – not even hunger will beat you!

Make sure that you eat only the amount you need. As you progress with a LCHF diet the amount of food that it takes to satisfy you in one sitting can be small. It will take much less food to satisfy your hunger.  We are raised on the full plate and 3 square meals a day habit and this is one of the key attitudes that is contributing to our weight gain and inability to lose weight – and a key habit that we must consciously change. See our blog post about hunger on our website blog.

Back when I was losing weight, after a few weeks I realized that half my breakfast satisfied me as much as my full breakfast and made no difference as to when I would next become hungry – and so I halved what I ate for breakfast and ate the rest for lunch and saved myself hundreds of calories! You see once you are in ketosis, and your body is using its own fat reserves for fuel,  your hunger will markedly decrease. You’ll be in the zone and food will be much less of a temptation. However,  you must first get into ketosis so you need to persist for that first week when you will be affected by hunger and not used to this way of eating. You will need your warrior attitude and must push to get through!

You must also make sure that what you’re doing to lose weight is effective.

On your own plan you may be unknowingly over eating. Weight loss is a precision task. Over-eat by a few hundred calories and you’ll be spinning your wheels and not losing weight. So do what works!

Many people write to us and say “I do well all day” and then I’m tempted by chocolate and other carby foods at night and I give in to my cravings”.

Among the advice we provide is – “have you invested in some erythritol, sucralose, almond flour and coconut flour ? If not I recommend you do so as having these products on hand will prevent you binging on sweets. You can build in some low carb low calorie desserts into your meal plan”.

Do you know how much you need to eat to start losing weight and keep losing weight?

Give yourself the biggest chance to succeed by arming yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources you need. If you do not know how much you need to personally eat you will fail. The solution: order either our Personal Calorie and Macro Report or our Everything You Need To Succeed package. Our meal plan support packages come with full 24/7 coaching – we’re here whenever you need a pep talk, have a question, need a food substitution or some support. With our meal plans everything is measured out for you and you just follow the plan and don’t have to think about food.

Want some excellent inspiration? I recommend you read the following book about one woman’ struggles to reach her goal weight. It’s an excellent demonstration of the mindset you need to succeed.  Read some of our inspirational blog articles on how I lost weight? See here and here. I think you’ll find them very helpful.

The power is in YOUR hands to make this happen. Be a fighter and a warrior and let nothing stand between you and you weight loss goal!! Nothing!!

If you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. BUT remember only YOU can make it happen! Start today, this minute and don’t let up until you achieve success!

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    Janey Kyle-Scott September 13, 2016 (10:50 pm)

    As a Chef & Hospitality Professional this statement challenges me “Learn to view food as fuel only – not as entertainment, or a stress or boredom reliever or something to make you feel good.” The preparation and enjoyment of food is what my life and career is built on……Planning, preparing and serving food to friends, familiy or customers is what makes my world go round. Thankfully my cullinary training means that I am able to prepare and serve LCHF versions, primarily for myself, and increasingly for others. Personally I have come a long way with LCHF over the last 18 months – But my thinking and being still revolves around food – all the time.

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