What I Ate Today: How I Maintain My Weight on LCHF

Hi everyone! We’ve been busy here at LCHF Nation, cooking, eating, coaching, blogging and sharing as many recipes with you each week as we can dream up!

To those meeting me for the first time: I’m 53 years of age, 5 feet 2.5″ (I recently was measured when I took my son for his annual physical and was over-joyed to discover that I was a half inch taller than I thought I was!) and 122 lbs. However, I wasn’t always 122 lbs. I’d spent most of my life until the age of 48, at around 148 lbs repeatedly losing and gaining the same 15-20 lbs, and considerably plumper and unhealthier than I am now in my 50’s. Approaching menopause, I found it harder and harder to lose weight until I discovered that eating a very LCHF, keto diet was the way to permanently lose weight and keep it off! I lost 26 lbs and have never returned to how I use to eat. Sure, I can now eat several hundred more calories each day and a few more carbs in the form of unlimited veggies, however, I stay vigilant – and that my friends is one of the KEYS to maintaining your new weight! You need to eat this way for life and enjoy what you are eating. I love eating this way – as does my family. My success inspired me to become a health and wellness coach and start LCHF Nation so that I could inspire, and share with, others the secrets that helped me to lose weight and completely turn my life around.

I understand what women at menopause need to do and I enjoy sharing all the tips with my coaching clients, mostly women (and a few men) in their 40’s and 50’s who have spent their entire lives overweight and unhappy and are seeking to make a permanent change. I love seeing people become the person that they’ve always wanted to be and had the potential to be! Along with creating seriously tasty LCHF food, my biggest passion is helping people transform their lives.

My qualifications: I’m a fully accredited health and wellness coach, with a Master’s degree in nutrition and public health and my specialty is helping women over 40 lose weight.

What, I love and do best is help people identify and overcome the personal obstacles that are preventing them from using their desire and capabilities to achieve their dreams, lose weight and turn their lives around. I help people close the gap between who they are now and who they want to be!

I’m married to LCHF Nation’s photographer, optician and avid cook/partner in all things LCHF, John, and I’m a mother to my 17 year old teenage son, Alex, a budding science and sprinter and yes, he eats LCHF too! My current passion is cooking Middle Eastern food – I love the exotic, unusual spice combinations. I love eating, exploring new foods and dining out (I can show you how easy it is to eat out and remain LCHF), reading as many cookbooks and coaching books as I can get my hands on and I’m also a huge fan of mysteries and biographies. I am very into the Myer Briggs Personality Test and love discussing it at length and identifying people’s Myer Brigg’s type (INTJ here).

Elena Before – on my way down, around 145 lbs:

before front 3before back 2

Elena After 122 lbs:

Elena in Keenenew me

I regularly like to share with you what I do and eat on an average day to maintain my weight. I believe it’s super important for women over 40 to be aware of calories as well as carbs, to get some daily exercise (I aim for around 6000-8000 steps daily), and to spend a few minutes doing some simple weight training 2 times a week to keep their bodies strong, taut and their muscles from shrinking. I use resistance bands and focus on arm/ tricep exercises to tighten my upper arms because that’s the part of a woman’s anatomy that tends to get flabby first. It really just takes 5 minutes with some resistance bands or some 10, 12 and 15 lb hand weights and the results are amazing for so little effort. No more flappy arms!

I personally prefer to save most of my calories and carbs for my evening meal as that’s when I can relax with John, eat a larger satisfying meal and enjoy a glass of wine. As my body is always in ketosis, I find I don’t get very hungry during the day. By eating LCHF you never experience that drop dead hunger accompanied by a sharp, destabilizing, blood sugar crash that sends you running for food. Still, I like to start my day with a moderate protein/high fat breakfast of eggs which sets me up for the whole day and I’ll make lunch a simple and light snack of nuts, cheese, maybe hummus and veggies, a scoop of tuna salad on salad greens or a slice of one of our LCHF quick breads.

To maintain my weight, I eat around 1700 calories daily and about 25-30g  net carbs. That’s about right for my age, height and light activity level. I lost my weight over a period of three-four months eating around 1200-1400 calories a day and 12-18g net carbs depending on my activity level for that day. Most low carb sites will lie to you and tell you that you can eat as much LCHF food that you want and still lose weight.  That’s untrue! I won’t ever lie to you and will give you the truth straight up! If you become my coaching client I will work with you and guide you to be your best and nothing less! If you’d like to begin by discovering your correct calories and carbs for weight loss and weight maintenance see our service.

Here’s my maintenance menu for yesterday. Recipes marked with an asterisk* are from our LCHF Nation Cookbooks #1*, #2** and #3***:

Breakfast: Classic Scrambled eggs*, 2 cups plain black tea – 300 calories

Lunch/Snack:  Tuna salad* over 1 cup chopped, leftover green beans with 1 tbsp olive oil- 400 calories

Afternoon snack: Medium coffee, with 2 tbsp half n half (coffee shops still don’t have heavy cream!) sweetened with 2 drops EZ-Sweetz, 1oz (30g)  almonds – 40 calories

Pre- Dinner:  5oz (150ml) glass of wine – 130 calories

Dinner: 1 serving Moussaka, 3 cups green salad with 1 tbp Balsamic Vinaigrette*, 1/2 glass wine – 610 calories

Dessert/Before bed snack: 3 Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies***  – 163 calories

TOTALS: 1643 calories, 125g fat (66% of total calories), 39g total carbs, 12g fiber, (27g net carbs) 64g protein.

Our LCHF Nation Cookbooks and personal meal plans contain the exact same foods and recipes that I used to lose weight. How would you feel if you woke up 5 years or even 10 years from today to find that nothing in your life had changed and you were still overweight? If you are serious and passionate about becoming the best you that you can be, and are ready to lose weight once and for all and transform your life, reach out to me and I will help you achieve your dream. To find out more about coaching with me, email me at lchfnation@gmail.com or call me at  617-543-2808 and we’ll set up a time to talk! 



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