What’s Holding You Back From Losing Weight?

To succeed on any weight loss program, or, for that matter, with any life endeavor that you hold dear, you need to accept that at times the road will be tough and and you will face obstacles.

These obstacles may come from both inside of you and outside of you. For example, you may have to face some hunger and you harbor a strong belief that you always have to eat when you’re hungry, or you may have to resist that cake in the bakery window – especially when everyone around you is eating it, or maybe you go on vacation where you’re out of your usual routine and have to eat out every night? Perhaps you have a bad day at work and have a strong compulsion to soothe yourself with food, or maybe the scale hasn’t moved for a few days.

In order to succeed at weight loss you must accept that you will need to tolerate some discomfort, push through and overcome the obstacles and difficult circumstances you encounter so that you keep moving towards your weight loss goal.

To achieve your goal you need to accept and be able to handle frustration

All winners in life have had to deal with a lot of frustration and have had to overcome all sorts of trying circumstances, “bad luck” and obstacles. However, they never let frustration throw them off course and prevent them from achieving their goal! Even when they experience a set-back they pick themselves up and continue to staunchly move forward.

Success is on the other side of the frustration fence

To get to it you need to accept that there will be times that you will have to traverse frustrating circumstances to get to the prize. For example, the scale may not shift for a week. What will you do? Give-up or continue…..Anyone who tells you that goals should be easy to achieve is a liar! Anything worth achieving in life will pose some stress and difficulty for you – unless of course its winning the lottery!

Recently I spoke with  a coaching client who in his words “had experienced a bad month on his LCHF diet and hadn’t lost weight, and in fact had put on weight, because of events like birthdays, Easter, dining out etc. getting in the way”.

Saying it this way was like him saying that he was not responsible for his progress and that he had no power over the outside circumstances he found himself in ie the food and drink at the events he attended. People think this way all the time – they blame outside circumstances and other people for their problems and failures. When you do this you abandon your own power – and we are all powerful inside. We can all call on the power we have whenever we choose to! That’s right we always have a choice. Unless someone holds us at gunpoint, ultimately we decide what will happen with regard to whether we follow through with achieving our goals.

Remember, you control your environment, your environment doesn’t control you! You have the power to choose how you will act in any situation. You are response-able!

The key here for my client was to first realize and uncover what triggers, thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions were hindering his progress and then to consider what new actions he could make himself take at social events. This would result in avoiding ineffective actions that moved him away from his goal of losing 80 pounds and, instead, engaging in actions that would move him toward his goal. To do this he needed to actually plan out what he was going to do ahead of time ie exactly what actions he would take when faced with carb-loaded food and drink.

By repeating new positive behaviors, over time, that move you toward your goal, you’ll start to form new neural pathways in your brain and healthier habits. We don’t realize how much we are creatures of habit. BUT – habits can be changed with some conscious thought and replaced with new actions that will, in time, become new healthier habits. For example, I’ve been eating LCHF and grain-free for so long now that I don’t even think about the bread that’s put in front of me at a restaurant.  I habitually don’t reach for it. It’s like its not even there!

The new actions you take will get easier and easier over time the more you put them into practice. It’s like learning to do anything new in life. It won’t feel natural at first but trust that it will if you continue taking that action.

Beliefs and values that you hold dear can also frequently get in the way of achieving your goal.  In my client’s case by exploring his underlying beliefs about social events, he realized that deep down he believed that part of celebrating was being able to eat unreservedly at events just like other people who were not on a diet.  The belief was unconscious and had been there forever unchallenged.  By harboring this belief, he essentially created a way to allow himself to break his diet and abandon responsibility for his actions. In other words he succumbed to the moment and lost sight of his long term goal. To succeed, and not continuously set himself back, he realized that he had to replace his old belief with a different one eg. “Sticking to my LCHF eating plan is extremely important to me and so I will choose not to eat carbs at these events”. He had to decide that the long term pleasure of achieving his goal was more important than the short term pleasure of over-eating. As they say, a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips!

Coaching can help you uncover beliefs and habits you were not even aware of! Habits and beliefs that have been setting you back for years and years, allowing you to sabotage your own progress.

If you’ve been yo-yo dieting for decades now, you owe it to yourself to find our why. Coaching can help you break your unconscious and ineffective patterns and beliefs once and for all.

To succeed on your LCHF diet you must make your weight loss goal your number one priority in all life situations, and place it ahead of all other goals. Yes, this can be hard to do, but that’s what winner’s do consistently and that’s why they succeed!

Winner’s do the things that others don’t like to do in life.

It doesn’t mean they enjoy doing those things, it just means they’ve accepted that if they want to succeed that’s what they need to do. AND once they reach their goals, winners don’t settle into a comfort zone, stop striving, sit back and get complacent. They are vigilant about maintaining their success and they set new goals for themselves! They keep taking actions to maintain their success. It’s like when a body builder works hard to build up their muscles. They you don’t stop weight training when they reach their goal. They keep taking action to maintain their gains. They keep moving. What doesn’t move dies!

If you are ready to radically transform your life, and be the best that you can be, then let me be of service to you. Call me at 617-543-2808 or email me at info@lchfnation.com to set up your first free phone coaching session.

Elena Vaillancourt is a professional wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people achieve their wellness and life goals. 

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